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Author Topic: #FANfiction: Dark Annie Ample: Mustang Annie [Seldom]  (Read 5768 times)

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#FANfiction: Dark Annie Ample: Mustang Annie [Seldom]
« on: February 24, 2010, 10:17:22 pm »
Dark Annie Ample: Mustang Annie
by Seldom (
Dark Annie Ample has fun with an unfortunate car and its owner.
***** Author's Note *****
Dark Annie Ample is based on Little Annie Ample, a series of excellent stories
from Michele Roppo.  I have borrowed the character and some scenarios to twist
them to a darker, sadistic and violent outcome for my own (and hopefully your)
amusement, though I am afraid I do not do the original writing style and
fantastically erotic muscle descriptions justice.  So my thanks, and apologies,
to Michele.
* * * * *
Annie playfully curled the rear end of the Mustang a few times as Chris looked
on in awe.  Her massively inflated biceps showed no sign of trembling or strain
holding up the car's weight.  "Finished?" she asked with a girlish giggle, as
if she hadn't held the rear of his car aloft for the last twenty minutes.
"Um, yeah, wow," he stammered, still amazed and impressed at Annie's phenomenal
strength, with the physique to match.
Annie let go with one hand and did a few one-armed curls with the car.  "Who
needs a jack when you've got me?" she asked brightly, bringing her arms up in a
full double-biceps flex, her tank-top lifting to reveal bumpy eight-pack abs.
"Um, right," Chris said, nearly slobbering at the display of behemoth teenage
girl muscle.  "Thanks."  He shifted his pants and settled back into the car
with his young date.  The car sank with a dangerous creaking groan as she sat
in the passenger seat, her thighs and shoulders so wide her behemoth muscles
pressed into him as she shut the door.  She looked over to him with a grin and
was surprised by his sudden impulsive kiss, but quickly recovered and
dominantly grabbed the back of his head and violently shoved her tongue down
his throat.
She pulled back with a wet slurp, saliva snapping against their lips.  Her
pretty blue eyes sparkled with a mischief that belied her tender age and
glowing youthful beauty.  "You don't want a kiss," she growled lustily.  "You
want to play, with these," she brought her left arm up in front of his face and
slooowly curled it, flexing the tremendous bicep.  Her muscles grew muscles,
the pale flesh expanding and hardening to the consistency of warm steel covered
in a riverwork of snaking blue veins, enormous peaked bicep atop and insanely
thick tricep meat hanging below, thirty-six inches of teen muscle inches from
his suddenly dry mouth, an arm much larger than his head on the young teen
"Yess," he groaned, wrapping his hands around as much bicep meat as he could
grab, covering a miniscule portion of her mountainous flexed muscles.  He
feverishly kissed her arm muscles, worshipping her massively overdeveloped arm,
lost in muscle lust as Annie watched with girlish amusement.  It fascinated
her, how much sexual power her freakish physique gave her with a certain kind
of guy, guys like Chris, entranced by her pumped, flexing bicep.  She quickly
shook her wrist, vibrating the muscle against his lips, pumping more blood into
her overpumped arm.  He moaned as he licked and carressed her bicep, his
erection painfully obvious against the front of his jeans.  Annie knew she
could make him cum just by flexing one arm against his face like this, but she
wasn't ready to let him release just yet.  She reluctantly withdrew her arm
from his kisses and watched him pout.
She put a finger on his lips and glared at him with wanton lust.  "Don't be
sad, baby," she growled huskily, hooking a finger into the neckline of her tank
top and pulling it down, revealing her stunningly sculpted chest.  She
emphasized her power and lust by brutally bruising his chest with one
ultrapowerful finger as she moaned out, "I have so many more muscles for you to
feel wrapped around your tiny, soft, weak body."  Her husky panting washed over
his ear as her fingers toyed with his crotch, bringing him to the verge.  Just
as she felt him about to cum she crushed his balls with a savage fist.  "Not
yet, baby," she commanded as she licked his ear.
"Oh, Annie, you don't know what you do to me," Chris cried in sexual
frustration and agony as her fingers continued crushing and caressing his
"Sure I do," the teenage muscle vixen giggled.  "Feel me," she invited, putting
his hands onto her ultramuscular chest.  Each mammoth breast was hard as stone
from her massively overdeveloped pecs, blocks of muscle each bigger than his
whole chest, her heart pulsing powerfully under warm skin.  Chris moaned in
mindless lust as his hands wandered under her tank top and futilely grabbed at
the slabs of muscle, his fingers unable to more than dent her soft young flesh
before encountering the impossibly dense, hard muscle beneath.
"Oh god, how much can you bench?" he groaned lustily, his fingers finding her
freakishly large engorged nipples.
Annie playfully tensed her pecs, bouncing his hands around until she caught one
fist between her striated slabs of chest muscle.  With perfect muscle control
she ground his comparatively tiny fist until the bones started to crackle and
he cried out in lusty pain.  She held the flex so he could feel the powerful
pulsations of her heart against his crushed hand so exquisitely held in muscles
that could crush bowling balls to powder as she leaned in to kiss him lustily.
"I could bench press your car with just one hand," she whispered, allowing her
chest to flex just a little too much, crunching the bones in his hand.  She
hooked one arm behind his head again and silenced his screams with a deep lusty
French kiss, flexing her terrible chest muscles until they ground his hand to a
bloody pulp.  She grabbed his throat as she broke off the kiss so he couldn't
draw breath to scream.  "I told you I had more muscles to feel," she moaned,
playfully flexing her pecs to grind the bloody mess of flesh, bone and blood
deep in her cleavage.
"You tore off my hand, you bitch!" Chris sobbed out when she released his
Annie chuckled.  "Aww, poor man can't handle a wittle teenage girl like me,"
she mock pouted.  "Here, want it back?"  She pulled her shoulders back and let
the gory remains of his hand slop into his lap.  She grabbed his chin and
forced his glazed eyes to look into her twinkling baby blues.  She rubbed his
remaining hand over her tremendous bulky thigh.  "That was just my upper body.
Think about what my legs can do."  She leaned closer and hissed erotically,
"Think what my pretty little pink pussy can do."  She casually ripped open the
front of his jeans and pulled out his now-limp cock.  With practiced ease she
pulled it back to hardness despite his pain, overwhelming his rapidly
disintegrating mind with her muscle-packed body and playful sadism.  She
plunged her lips onto his cock and inhaled it to the base, sucking masterfully,
pulling him to the edge of orgasm as her blonde curls spilled over his scrawny
legs.  She crushed his balls to prevent orgasm over and over again, prolonging
his sexual and physical agony as she sucked his cock as only a true virtuoso
can, a young teenage lover of sex and violence poured into a beautiful,
freakishly muscle-bound body that allows her to fulfill her every twisted
fantasy as only thirty-six inch biceps and fifty-two inch thighs can.  Annie
sadistically raped his cock with her soft lips and expert mouth, over a quarter
ton of muscle ensuring that he couldn't escape.
Eventually Annie grew bored of sucking his cock and crushing his aching balls,
much as she enjoyed his tearful pleas to stop and let him go.  With a casual
flex of one giant arm, she shoved his door open.  It twisted off its hinges and
shot away from the car like a bullet, the flimsy metal no match for her
muscles.  She kicked her own door off.
"My car," Chris sobbed dumbly, rational thought beginning to return through the
haze of sex and pain.
Annie grabbed some jumper cables from the back and casually tossed Chris' limp
body over her massive shoulder.  She tied him to a nearby tree, making sure he
could see his precious Mustang, his pride and joy.  She kissed him
passionately.  "Look at me, look at my muscles," she whispered huskily, flexing
her unbelievable bicep again.  "You want to feel me, right?  You want to fuck
me, fuck my incredibly muscular body?  You want to feel what true freakshow
muscle sex can be like?"
The promise of sex snapped Chris closer to reality.  "Yes," he agreed
"Well then first, I have to fuck your car," Annie said with a giggle.
"What?  No!  Not my car, please Annie, please, I can still fix it," he pleaded.
"That's the deal, baby," Annie said.  "If I fuck you, I fuck your car.  What'll
it be, baby?" she murmured, rubbing his crotch with her massive quads.
"Unnnng okay, whatever you want," he finally agreed, close to cumming again.
Annie brutally smashed his balls with her steely thigh.
The sadistic teen musclevixen sauntered over to the car and slowly peeled back
the hood, the steel deforming against her strong fingers.  She pulled out the
engine block with one hand and pulled off her tank top with the other, her
glorious and terrifying upper body naked and bulging.  She brought the engine
to her mammoth chest and started squeezing, deforming the oily machine.  It
surrendered with a horrible metallic whine, slowly and inevitably collapsing
between her pecs and biceps as she moaned.  She rubbed her nipples into the
shrieking metal, three inches of pink nipple tearing deep gouges in the
engine.  Annie shuddered as her tweaked nipples sent waves of orgasmic pleasure
to her young dripping cunt.  White girl cream cascaded down her mammoth leg
muscles and splashed to the ground.
After fifteen minutes of squeezing and cumming the engine block was the size of
a toaster and she stood in a small pond of white cum.  Annie squeezed the
engine in her hands down to a marble and casually tossed it away, sending it
flying for miles.  She turned her attention to the roof and tore it off like
tin foil, throwing the metal sheet like a frisbee.  Then she looked at Chris
and licked her lips as she simply lifted the destroyed car into the air.  With
a quick flick of her wrists she flipped it over and tore off two wheels.  She
flexed her mind-blowingly huge legs, the fifty-two inches of muscle far larger
than the puny tires she held in her hands.  She ripped out the centers and
pulled the rubber tires up her arms like sleeves, the rubber stretching to fit
around her mammoth biceps.  She brought her arms up in a double-biceps pose and
the rubber rings exploded from the bicep onslaught.  She ripped off the last
two wheels and threw them away, grabbing the two axles.
Annie held one three hundred pound axle in each hand as if they weighed no more
than baseball bats.  She brought them over to Chris and with one fluid motion
slammed one into the ground, burying a foot of the length in the dirt.  She
straddled the axle, the metal disappearing under her skirt.  "I told you I
wanted to fuck your car," she giggled as she impaled her dripping cunt on the
end of the axle.  She reached under her skirt and withdrew a sticky hand
covered in her sex cream.  "Lubricant," she moaned huskily and pushed her hand
up between her divinely muscular ass cheeks and into her puckered anus.  She
scooped one more handful of her copiously flowing cum and lubricated the end of
the second axle, pushing it deep into her ass.  Chris watched in horrified and
strangely erotic fascination as Annie pleasured herself with the mangled axles
from his destroyed beloved car.  She shoved the axle far up her ass, much
farther than it should have fit, and roughly humped the cunt pole into the
ground, her body flushed and sweaty with the aftermath of dozens of orgasms,
pleasure still flowing and rippling through her immense body, another pool of
steaming cum splashing on the ground.
"Ohh yeah," Annie moaned happily, pulling the axle from her ass.  The rod
was crushed, misshapen, deformed into a bent foot of compressed metal.  She
slid off the cunt axle with a distinct slurping sound, the end of the axle bent
and mangled, the body driven deep into the ground.
Annie looked up at Chris' tied-up body with languid blue eyes and blew a stray
strand of curly blonde hair out of her eyes.  "Are you ready for your turn,
lover?" she asked, licking her plush pink lips.
Chris' fear and lust warred in nearly equal portions as Annie slowly brushed
herself off and sauntered over to him.  She licked the sweat off his cheek,
letting her long tongue linger against his ear.  Her body radiated heat and a
terrifying strength, immense power at the whim of this pretty, destructive
young teenage girl.  Despite himself his cock responded to her proximity, those
beautiful and terrifying muscles pressed up against him, enveloping him, his
body outclassed, puny and tiny in comparison to her hulking physique.  Her long
nipples dug painfully into his chest as she mounted him, wrapping those
impossibly huge thighs around his waist and the tree.  She kissed him roughly,
sadistically slamming his head back against the bark of the tree as her
steaming, axle-destroying cunt savagely pulled his cock deep into her velvety
wet sex.  Her engorged clit dug painfully into his pelvis as she roughly humped
him against the tree, hundreds of pounds of muscle slamming him rhythmically
harder and harder into the bark.  The satin clamp of her pussy pulled at his
cock and with a cry of released frustration he came deep into her cunt.
With one hand she reached under her skirt, grabbed his balls, and savagely
squeezed while he flopped and screamed in agony.  "Stay hard," she hissed,
biting his lips and yanking on his scrotum.  "If you go soft I'll pull your
balls off."  Chris did not doubt her words through his pain and lust.  Annie
yanked hard and slammed her pelvis into his hips with bone-crushing force.  His
hips, between the hard bulk of the tree and her harder teen body, disintegrated
painfully.  Annie, close to orgasm, gave one final squeeze and yank, tearing
Chris' balls off and shoving them in his screaming mouth.  She hugged the tree
tight, his bashed face hugged in her deep muscle cleavage, her cunt savagely
ramming his cock, her legs pulling and splintering the great tree as her arms
pulled harder into the tree.  Chris' poor skull, mashed in her pecs, imploded
with a grisly crunch, spilling his blood and brains in her pec cleavage and
dripping down onto her abs.  His body and the tree disintegrated with Annie's
final orgasmic embrace, her howl of primal savage pleasure overriding the
horrible crunching of Chris' body and the splintering of the tree.
"Timber," Annie whispered breathlessly in an orgasmic glow as the tree toppled,
Chris' remains crushed into the bark by her unstoppable muscles.  She watched
it fall and absently picked a piece of skull out of her cleavage.  After a few
minutes she slipped on her tank top and skipped home for a shower, whistling

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Re: Dark Annie Ample: Mustang Annie
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2010, 05:15:49 pm »
didn├čt like the end but the rest was pretty good!
Enjoy - ScissorSqueeze

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