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Annie Ample 18
« on: July 30, 2011, 04:25:21 am »
Little Annie Ample #18
Still the One

     Brad entered the house to find it silent. He made his way upstairs on his way to his room. As he neared Annie's room, he saw the door was open just an inch or two. He could hear Annie's soft moaning. 'She must be working out or flexing' he thought. Annie always got turned on when she worked out or flexed her muscles. Brad put his ear to the Annie's door. "Mmmmmmmmmm ... ooooo ... that's so good!" he could hear his 14 year-old sister moan. 'Wow ... she must be having quite a workout' he thought as he continued to listen in. Her moaning had sprouted an erection in him. Brad rubbed his pants over his erection.

     "Ahhhhhhh .... mmmmmmm ..." he heard little sister moan. His erection grew. "Mmmmmmmm ... doesn't that feel good, baby?" she moaned. 'Baby? Who's she talking to?' he thought. Brad could hear that her moaning was elevating. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..." she continued. Brad slowly pushed the door open. He could see her sitting on her bed, legs extended. She was topless, in panties, and wearing 6 inch stilettos. Annie was looking down between her legs as she slithered and moaned erotically. Brad pried the door open a couple more inches. He saw that there was someone sitting on the floor, with their head between Annie's monstrously muscle-bloated thighs. The person was definitely male, due to the huge, raging erection in his pants.

     "Annie?" a surprised Brad gasped as he opened the door completely. Annie looked up to see her big brother Brad in the doorway. The 14 year old girl is in a state of muscle crushing lust. "B ... B ... Brad ..." she sighed as she arched her back. Her mammoth breasts rose upwards. Brad too was now at major erection mode. "Who's that?" asked Brad. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...." Annie moaned as her 65 inch thighs had the boy's head completely immersed in muscle. Brad watched as the boy's crotch darkened as he orgasmed. "Ohhhhhh ... yesssss!" Annie erotically moaned as the boy orgasmed. Brad was overcome by the situation as he too erupted in his pants. Seeing this, Annie too tensed up as she neared orgasm. Her muscles expanded and rippled as her body always did when she orgasmed. "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" came a load, long moan as the muscle-hulking young girl had her massive orgasm. The 14 year old girl gyrated as the three of them simultaneously orgasmed.

     "What's going on?" asked Brad, who still hadn't realized he actually creamed his pants. Annie was just coming out of her orgasmic state. She spread her legs apart and the boy's reddened head fell limply to the floor. The sensually charged girl looked up at her big brother. "It's not ... what ... you think." panted the half naked girl. Her young body swelled with every panting breath. Her rock-hard, four inch long nipples oozed some of her muscle milk. Annie's erotic state slowly subsided. Brad finally took notice of his creamed pants. "Shit! I'm so flustered I didn't even feel that!" he gasped. "Sorry, Brad." Annie tried to comfort.

     "So .. who is this?" Brad gestured of the spent and crushed boy on the floor. "Well ... that's Eugene." she replied. "This is Eugene? The one you've been talking about for the last while?" Brad pouted. Annie grabbed a towel off her bed and stood up. She was about to wipe her nipples dry when she looked at Brad with puppy eyes. "I would be ever so grateful if someone were to help me clean these up." she gestured as she thrust her chest out. Brad would normally jump at the chance to suck on his sister's sweet hardened nipples, but he was a bit flustered. "No! Don't!' he barked. Annie relaxed her chest and put on a baggy sweat shirt. "Sorry, Brad. I didn't realize you were so upset!" little sister replied.

     "So, is he like your boyfriend or something?" Brad queried. "Not really ... but kinda ... I guess ..." Annie quietly replied. Annie could see that her older brother was troubled. "I know you use your muscles on other men and boys, but you've never brought anyone up to your room for it before." Brad said to her. "This has always been our place..." he continued as he turned to walk out of the room. “Brad ... please ... wait... " Annie tried, but Brad kept walking out of the room. Brad left the room, went down the stairs, and left the house. 'Wow ... he's really bummed' Annie thought.

     Annie heard Eugene behind her, slowly coming out of his muscle induced semi coma. She turned and walked over to him. "Wow! That ... was ... amazing!" he boasted of Annie's muscle squeezing. Annie quickly swept up the 17 year old Eugene in her arms. Cradled in her arms, Annie proceeded to the bathroom down the hall. "You're amazing, Annie!" Eugene said from the comfort of her bulging arms. Annie gave him a smile as she set him down in front of the bathroom door. "Sorry I gotta cut things a little short, Eugene. Just get yourself cleaned up and I'll call you tomorrow." Annie said to him. Eugene looked down at his soaked crotch and chuckled. "Oh my! I must have really enjoyed myself!" he boasted of the amount he expelled. "Okay, Annie," he continued as he went into the bathroom. Annie strolled off back to her bedroom.


     Later that evening, Brad returned home. He had cooled off a bit, but was still down about finding a boy in Annie's room. He made his way up the stairs. He passed by Annie's closed door, not even thinking of her at all. Brad opened the door to his room and flicked on his light. He quickly took off his pants and shirt. He gasped as he saw Annie sitting on his bed crossed legged. "Crap! You scared the hell out of me, Annie!" he barked. Annie stood up and Brad's eyes widened at how high up he had to look. Brad looked down at Annie's feet to see she was wearing a pair of 14 inch stiletto heels, putting her at just over 7 feet tall. She was wearing a hot pink micro mini, a two inch wide halter top stretched to its limit by her basketball-sized breasts and 3 inch long nipples. "Sorry, big brother. I didn't mean to scare you." she softly replied as she walked toward him. Brad's member reacted as always, growing huge and thick. Left only in his under wear and socks, his growing member slowly creeped out of his underwear. "Mmmmmm ... looks like you're not mad at me anymore!" she smiled as she noticed his now 13 inch member. "Please Annie! I'd rather not see you right now!" Brad barked at his 14 year old sister.

     Annie arched her back as she near him. Her ballooning, muscle engorged breasts ripped open her halter like it was made of tissue. "Are you sure, big brother?" she seductively asked as she reached him. The towering teenaged girl looked down at her 19 year old brother. His forehead grazing the bottom of her mammoth, rock hard breasts. He took a deep swallow. "You'll always be the one for me!" Annie exclaimed as she took her brother into her muscle heaping upper body and hugged him. Brad was instantly buried in muscles, which amplified his erection up to 16 inches. His elongating erection now pressed up against Annie's micro, g-string panties. "Oh my!" Annie squeaked. That was followed by a deep erotic moan by the young girl as Brad's hard member pressed up against her. Brad wasn't able to pull himself out from her embrace. "Annie stop!" he begged.

     "It's a good thing I'm wearing panties or this could have been a deeply penetrating experience!" she said as she giggled. The giggling made her body gyrate, in turn the head of Brad's member pushed her panties aside and was now pressing against Annie's Vaginal lips. This in turn caused Brad's member to rise another inch. "Ooooooooooo ... dear!" Annie squeaked as she got up on the toes of her stiletto shoes to avoid penetration. She pushed up on his shoulders to hold herself up high enough, but his raging erection still pressed up against her lips. "Ohhhhhhhhh ... Brad!" she moaned as her wetness spilled over his member. Brad could see that if Annie let herself down, he would enter her vagina. In her erotic state, he thought that she may do something like that on purpose.

     Brad grabbed Annie's ass in an attempt to keep her supported up. His hands grasped her rock-hard gluts. "Mmmmmmmmmmm ...” she moaned. "Annie please ... we don't want to get carried away here!" Brad pleaded. Annie was high up on her toes as far she could go, but stumbling causing more friction between her vagina and Brad's member. Brad tried steadying his younger sister. Annie softly thrusted back and forth. Rubbing her lips against the throbbing head of his member. "But ... mmmmm ... it feels ..... sooooooooooooooo ....good!" she moaned softly. Deep down, Brad could not deny it felt heavenly to be in such a situation. The temptation was over whelming. All he would have to do is let go of her ass and thrust upwards and that would drive his member deep inside his muscle-bound sister. The ultimate taboo was within millimeters. This is his sister ... a 14 year old girl, but the sexiest creature alive to him. It had always been Brad who craved sexual relations with Annie, but the tide had slowly turned over the last few months. It was Annie who created and craved these situations. Annie was also a virgin and Brad thought of what his huge, thick, throbbing member would do to her. What to do?

     "Annie! Annie!" Brad tried snapping his hornied up little sister out of her erotic nausea. Annie stumbled on her feet a bit and her vaginal lips spread slightly over the head of his member. Brad pushed up on her ass. "Annie no!" he begged. "But ... I .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... want to!" she pleaded erotically. Her nipples grew to over 5 inches and her muscles rippled and bulged from head to toe as the sensual pleasure surged through her. "Don't you ... want to ... Brad?" she panted. "I ... I ... do ... but we can't!" he pleaded. Annie lost her footing again and Brad tried to avoid penetrating her. "Annie ... I can't ... hold you ... much longer!" he gasped as the sweat poured down his face.  "I always wanted ....mmmmmmm ..... you to be ..oooooooooo ... the first!" she moaned. "I want this as much as you do, but I'm your brother!" he pleaded once more. Brad could feel himself nearing orgasm and had to do something. "I want to ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... hump you!" Annie gasped as she began to lower herself. Brad pushed forward and as was able to heave his near 300 pound muscle hulking sister towards his bed. Her viganal lips scrapped across his member and that brought on a massive explosion of an orgasm from Brad. "Hrrrrrrrrrk!" Brad yelled as he grabbed his member and jerked fiercely. Annie landed on Brad's bed and was sprayed over by her brother's juices. Brad stroked hard as the huge globs of cum landed on his sister. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... " Annie moaned as she rubbed the juices into her muscle breasts and rippled abs. She brought her legs up spread eagle and arched her back as she too erupted in orgasm. Annie screamed aloud as she in turn sprayed her older brother with her juices as she gushed like a garden hose.

     Brad fell to his knees near Annie's legs. Annie slapped her legs together, hitting Brad's face with her ankles. The blow stunned Brad and he fell forward into her awaiting legs. Annie quickly closed her muscle bloated legs around Brad's head. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..." she moaned as she pointed her toes, injecting more muscle into her hulking legs. Her 14 inch glass stilettos gleamed. Her legs crackled as muscles expanded. This brought her to orgasm once more, drenching her brother's head with her fluids. She spread her legs apart, giggling at her brother’s groggy, soaked face. She slapped her legs together once more. Her mighty legs crashed together like two granite pillars. Brad's body recoiled from the jolt. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... " she moaned as another orgasm soaked his battered head. She spread her legs once more. She grabbed the back of his head and rubbed it deeply into her crotch. "Ohhhhhhhh ... yessss!" she moaned loudly.

     Her groggy brother was getting a face full of her sweet crotch, but it was a painful experience. Annie thrust her torso back and forth into his face, spraying him with her multiple orgasms. Sweet muscle milk oozed out her 6 inch long nipples. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... it feels ....ooooooooooooooo .... sooooooooooooooooo .... good!" she elated. was the muscle hulking teenager punishing her brother for not penetrating her or was she just lost in lust and orgasmic pleasure.

     Another hard slam of her legs rendered her older brother unconscious. She squeezed hard and groaned with pleasure. Thigh muscles piled up atop each other as the young girl squeezed. Another mighty orgasm and her juices spewed out the top and bottom of her thighs. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she moaned heavily. Spreading her legs let Brad's head fall to the bed. She then slowly began coming out of her lustful state. "Oh my! I hope I didn't hurt you!" she sighed as she pulled her groggy brother up into her arms. "Oh you poor baby." she said as she stroked his hair. She then pulled his mouth over her still erect 5 inch nipple. "This will help you come around." she said as she thrust her huge nipple into his limp mouth.

     Annie then flexed her mighty breast in and out. His face moved with her expanding breast. "Mmmmmf .... mmmfff ... mmfff ..." she softly grunted with each breast flex. Every flex shot her thick, sweet muscle milk into his mouth. The sweet milk oozed out the sides of his limp lips. "Come on, Bradley .... suck!" she encouraged. She massaged his cheeks, hoping to stimulate some life into his lips. After a few seconds of Annie's cheek massaging, Brad finally began to suck in her sweet milk. "Oh yes ... that's it baby! Suck it! Suck it hard!" she encouraged. Brad was cradled in her arms like an overgrown infant. Annie flexed her breast like a mighty piston. Her solid muscle-stuffed breast slammed his head back and forth as it shot milk deep down his throat. "Mmmmmmmm ... that a boy! Annie's milk will make you all big and hard again!" Annie said of his regenerating erection.

     The thumping of her breast grew louder and quicker as she intensified her breast flex. The milk shots blasted out of her nipples like a precision automatic weapon. The milk was too much for Brad to intake. He gagged and milk spewed out the sides of his mouth. Annie fell into her muscle lust once more. With Brad cradled in her arms, she folded him in on himself. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... " the muscle hulking teen moaned as she slowly crushed her brother in her upper body. Brad's entire body slowly submerged into her massively expanding muscles. It had been some time since Annie had the urge to inflict pain on Brad, but her heightened state of lust gave her the craving to do so.

     "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..." she moaned loudly as Brad slowly disappeared into the darkness of her mammoth muscles. His muffled moans of pain only turned her on more and mad her squeeze even harder. "Oooooooooooooooooo ... this feels .... soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... good!" she sighed erotically. Even with all the pain she was inflicting, she felt his warm juices expelling from his member into her crushing muscles. Annie pumped her gigantic arms a few times to squeeze out every drop of his fluids. She let out loud, heavy sigh as this brought her to another orgasm as well.

     She stood up and opened her arms. Her brother fell to the ground with a loud thud. Her nearly naked brother lay there, covered in bruises, cum, and breast milk. Annie too was covered. Her huge, muscle-throbbing breasts and rippling abs were dripping with her brother's fluids. The tall standing Annie put her 14 inch stiletto on Brad's chest and flexed her biceps. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmf!" she grunted as her mighty arms blew up to 65 inches of towering muscle. Looking down at her spent brother. "You know ... if I really wanted to, I could hump you dry! But if this is ever going to happen, I want it to be special." she said with a smile.

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