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Author Topic: Little Annie Ample #17  (Read 9684 times)

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Little Annie Ample #17
« on: July 28, 2011, 04:41:09 pm »
      Annie was putting her books away in her school locker. The halls were emptying at the end of another school day. Another school day full of male students and teachers drooling over 14 year old Annie's massive, sexy muscles. "Gosh, Annie! You're the only girl in school who can get away with dressing like that!" said Meagan, the girl who occupied the locker next to Annie's. Meagan referred to the micro mini-skirt, 4 inch wide halter top, and 6 inch stiletto heels Annie was wearing. "Let's just say the Principal and I came to an agreement on the subject at the beginning of the school year." Annie said as she closed her locker. Annie referred to the visit to his office which ended in Annie beating the poor Principal to pulp.

      "I'm so jealous! I wish I had a body like yours!" sighed Meagan. Meagan was no slouch in the body department. 14 year old Meagan was blessed with a gorgeously full 38 - 24 - 36 figure. "Don't sell yourself short. You've got an awesome body, Meagan! You've always got the boys chasing you." Annie complimented. "Not like you do, Annie! The boys and men sometimes cum on the spot when they see you dressed like that!" Meagan replied. "Ya ... that is kinda fun." Annie giggled. "Well, see you tomorrow, Annie" Meagan said and went on her way. "Sure thing." Annie replied.

      Annie turned to start on her way when a boy ran right into her. His face slammed right into her basketball-sized breasts that felt more like bowling balls! Books, papers, and his glasses flew into air as the poor boy hit the ground. "Oh my gosh ... are you okay?" Annie squeaked. Her 6 inch heels clicked as she scampered around the fallen and dazed boy. She looked around, but found the hallways were already empty of students. "Oh dear!" she sighed. Annie put her hands under the boy’s armpits, picked up his glasses and stood him up. At nearly 6'4" in her heels and the boy only 5'7", his face was at breast height to her.

      The groggy boy opened his eyes. ""Uhhhhh ... what .. did I ... hit?" he mumbled. Annie put his glasses on him. His eyes widened as her massive, shiny breasts filled his vision. He took a deep swallow as he looked up at her face. "You're ... you're ... her! You're ..." he stuttered just before he feinted. His face fell right into her deep cleavage. "Oh pooh! What am I going to do with you?" Annie sighed once more. Annie pulled his face out of her cleavage and cradled him up in her bulging arms. At 110 pounds, the skinny, slightly pimple-faced boy was a feather in her arms. The massively muscle-bound 14 year old girl carried the unconscious boy down the hall, heels clicking loudly.

      She reached the Nurse's office and opened the door. She found Nurse Adams putting on her coat in preparation for going home. "Good gosh, Annie! You've really got to stop torturing these poor boys and teachers with those muscles of yours! I'm getting way too many patients in here!" joked Nurse Adams. "But my muscles didn't do this! I mean, they did, but not on purpose!" Annie defended herself. "Oh, I'm just teasing. Just lay him down on the bed over here." the Nurse replied. Annie laid the groggy boy down as the Nurse looked at Annie up and down. "I guess that outfit is getting you straight A's?" she joked to Annie. "Um ... I .. " Annie didn't know what to say. "Don't worry, Annie! I know that sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!" joked the Nurse.

      "Now, let's check on our patient." Nurse Adams said as she sat beside him. She took off his glasses. "Wow, he's nerdy looking!" the Nurse said. "Actually, I think he's kinda cute!" Annie smiled. "Now what happened, Annie?" she asked. "Well, I was just standing there ... and then BOOM! He ran into me." Annie explained. "Oh I see. So, in other words, he ran into a brick wall shaped as a girl." the Nurse replied as she probed his face with her fingers. "Is he going to be okay?" Annie asked, showing concern. "Hmmmmm ... some minor bruising, but looks like nothing's broken." the Nurse informed. The Nurse opened his eyes with her fingers. "He's a bit dazed, but he'll be alright." the Nurse said.

      The Nurse wet a cloth and began dabbing his face with it. He began to lightly moan. "Here, can you do this? I have to pick up my daughter at the day care. If he doesn't fully come round call me on my cell." the Nurse said, laying her card on the bed. "Oh sure! It's the least I could do for the poor fellow." Annie replied. "Just remember to behave, young lady!" the nurse said as she left. "I'll try ..." Annie whispered to herself.

      "Mmmmm ... mmm .." moaned the boy as his eyes opened slightly. "How you doing, sweetie?" Annie asked. "Huh ... wha ... who's that?" he mumbled. Annie grabbed his glasses and put them on him. "Her you go ... this will help." Annie said. His eyes widened as Annie's cute, freckled face came into view. "An ... An ... Annie ... Ample!" he stuttered. "That's me!" she boasted. "Am I in ... heaven?" he sighed. "Awwww ... that's so sweet." she smiled.

      Annie sat him up and sat beside him. "How does that feel, honey?" Annie asked with a smile. "F ... f .... fine!' he stuttered nervously. "Relax, sweetie. I'm not going to hurt you." she said to him. "I'm not ...  afraid ... of you ... hurting me." he continued to stutter. "You're not? Then why so nervous?" she asked. "It's just that you're so ...  so ... so .." he started. "Muscular?" Annie said, flexing her bicep. Her mushrooming bicep grew to 50 inches. "Wow! you certainly are muscular, but what I was going to say was ... you're so ... so ... beautiful!" he said and shyed his head away. "Wow! Nobody has ever said that to me before! You really think I'm beautiful?" Annie asked as her nipples grew beneath her tight halter top. "You are an angel of beauty!" he complimented the 14 year old girl.

      "Than you ... uh ... uh ... what did you say your name was?" Annie asked. "Eugene." he replied. "Wow, your parents couldn't of picked a more nerdy name." she joked. "Well, I fit the part." said the skinny boy. "Well, I think you're cute." Annie boasted. "You ... you ... do?" he smiled. "I sure do! How old are you, Eugene?" Annie said. "I'm 17." he replied. "Well, I'm only 14." Annie replied. "I can't believe you're only 14 and so beautiful!" he said. "Stop it! You're making me bulge!" she said as her already massive muscles swelled slightly. "Oh my!" Eugene blurted of Annie's swelling muscles. Annie didn't know why, but she was turned on by the spindly little nerd.

      "I want to make it up to you for hurting you." Annie said to him. "But, it was my fault! You did nothing wrong, Annie!" he replied. "Please ... let me make it up to you!" Annie pleaded. "Please, there's no need." Eugene replied. Annie took a step back. "Do you like my muscles?" the muscle-engorged 14 year old asked. "Uh ... um ... yes! There amazing!" Eugene nervously replied. Annie giggled as she reached behind her and unbuttoned her halter top. "Annie ... what are ...?" Eugene gasped. "My muscles tend to get pretty big when I flex. I don't want to ruin a perfectly good halter top." Annie said to the stunned 17 year old boy, seeing the muscle-bound 14 year old bare chested..

      "Annie please ... you don't have to do this." Eugene begged. "Shhhhhhh ..." Annie softly quieted him as she slowly and sensually flexed her biceps. Eugene watched the young girls biceps rise to 55 inches. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm ..." she moaned as she flexed again. Her biceps towered to 60 inches. Eugene grew a huge teepee in his pants. "Is that a baseball bat in your pants, or are you just glad to see my muscles?" Annie teased. The muscle bulging girl turned to a side chest pose. Her massive breasts ballooned with even more muscles and sprouting huge, blood surging veins. "How do you like that, sweetie." Annie whispered. "I ... I ... " Eugene stuttered. "It's okay, I can see how much you like it!" Annie said of his raging erection. Annie then began flexing her thighs and calves. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ..." she moaned as she pumped her muscle-bulging legs up with more muscle.

      "Why don't you come over her, Eugene." Annie suggested in a soft sultry voice. "I don't ... know ... Annie ..." he stammered. Annie stepped to him and grabbed him by the hand. She pulled the shy, nerdy boy off the bed. They were now standing facing each other. Annie put one arm behind her head and flexed the other one. Eugene took a deep gulp as he watched her bicep rise to 65 inches. "Go ahead sweetie! You can touch it. We both know you want to ..." she erotically spoke. Eugene's trembling hand came up slowly towards Annie's towering, muscle peaked bicep. He reached high up and cupped the top of her massive bicep. "What do you think of that?" Annie smiled. "It's ... it's .... the biggest muscle I've ....  ever seen!" he gasped as he caressed the peak of her 65 inch bicep. "Mmmmmmmm ... If you think it's big now, wait till I flex really, really hard!" she said.

      Annie let out a huge exhale and then flexed her arm up ever so slowly, with Eugene's hand still mounted on the top of her peak. As her arm slowly came up, so did her rising bicep. Her arm neared the top of her flex. Eugene stood up on his toes to keep his hand on her bicep. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmf ... " she softly grunted as her flex produced an 80 inch bicep. "Oh ... Annie! What a beautiful muscle that is!" he gasped. "I have other muscles, too." Annie suggested as she thrust her foot into the ground, bloating her thighs out to 60 inches of solid muscle. Eugene came down on one knee, then looked up at a smiling Annie. "You like?" Annie said as she twisted her leg left and right, causing mounds of muscles to dance. Eugene began probing her muscle-laden thighs with his hands. "I've never seen so much muscle!" he gasped.

      Annie let the nerdy 17 year old probe and caress her muscle bulged thigh to his content. She then turned around with her back to him. "Check this out!" she exclaimed as she bent her leg up. Her calf muscle swole up to the size of a volleyball. "Holy cow!!" gasped Eugene. Annie pumped her leg up and down, injecting more and more muscle into her calf. Eugene wrapped both hands around her monstrous 40 inch calf. "Now you can see why I could never wear stockings!" Annie boasted. "Or jeans for that matter! These babies would rip through denim like tissue!" Eugene added.

      Annie turned to face him again and rose to his feet. His pants merciless stretched from his huge erection. Slightly embarrassed, he attempted to cover it. "Don't be embarrassed. I take that as a compliment. My muscles have a habit of doing that to the male species!" she assured him as she pulled his hands away from his pants. The 14 year old muscle girl put her arms behind her head and began slithering her torso. "Just enjoy!" Annie said as he watched her abs explode in a tidal wave of deep, cut, and rippling muscles. "Mmmmmmmmm ..." she softly cooed as she moved like a belly dancer. Eugene ran his hand across her muscle-bubbling abs. "Whoa!! Feels like a cast iron washboard!" he bellowed.

      "Now it's time for my bestest muscles!" she said in a child-like voice. Annie arched her back and took a deep breath. Her mammoth breasts filled like balloons. "Annie ... I ... shouldn't ..." he gulped. "It's okay ... I want you to." she assured as she tensed up. Her breasts crackled as they solidified with muscle. She grabbed his hands a slid them up to her awaiting breasts. "Mmmmmmmmmm ... these are the hardest breasts in the world!" boasted the 14 year old girl. Eugene drooled as his hands glided all over her mammoth, granite-like breasts. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... that feels soooooooooo ... good!" Annie moaned. "They're as hard ... as ... as ... steel!" Eugene relished. Annie's nipples grew longer from his touching and compliments.

      "They feel great ...  but they taste even better!" Annie said as she grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled his mouth over her 4 inch long nipple. Annie shivered as her long, hard nipple entered his mouth. Eugene gagged on the large, muscular nipple. "Oh ..... yessss .... Ooooooo ..." Annie moaned as she thrust his head back and forth. Although she held him, it wasn't firmly. Eugene was able to break free form her grasp. "What ... what's ... the matter? That feels sooooooo .... good! Why are you stopping?" asked the hot and horny Annie. "I can't do this to you, Annie! You're very muscular and you're very, very beautiful ...  and you're only a girl. I shouldn't be doing something like this to a 14 year old girl!" Eugene explained.

      Annie snapped out of her aroused state. "Wow ... what a noble little nerd you are! Most men would take total advantage of a situation like this, but not you. I think I really like you!" Annie smiled. Annie then pulled him in her arms and began to kiss him passionately. Poor Eugene was on the tip of his toes as the 14 year old kissed him. After a 30 second kiss, Annie set him down. The groggy 17 year old Eugene had an ear to ear smile. "I don't know what it is about you, but I like it!" Annie said. "I ... I .... like ... you .. too." Eugene replied, slowly coming out of his daze.

      Eugene shook off the last bit of delirium. "Wow ... you are massive, Annie!" he boasted of her massively pumped body. "Ya ... isn't it wonderful?" she said, flexing her biceps. Her arms grew thick and massive as her biceps rose to 80 inches once more. "How long will you stay all swollen up with muscles like that?" asked Eugene. "Gosh, sometimes over an hour." she replied. "Will nothing help the swelling go down?" he asked. "Um .. uh ... there is something that helps ... but I wouldn't want to do that." she replied. "What is it? can I help?" he begged. "Well, sometimes it helps if I squeeze or crush something .... or ... someone." she said lowering her head. Eugene lifted her chin with his hand. "I'm here for you, Annie." he said softly. "No ... I couldn't ask that of you." she said stepping back. "Please I want to help." he insisted. "No ... it's fine. I like my muscles all pumped like this ... see?" she said as she did various flexes. Eugene gently grabbed her by the hands. "But wouldn't it feel better to wrap those muscles around me?" he continued to insist.

      Annie bit her lower lip as she pondered. "Are you sure?" she asked. "Of course I am." he assured her. "Okay ... if that's what you want." Annie replied. "I would be honored." he said. "Oh goody, goody! I'm going to make you explode like you never have before!" she said, looking down at his raging erection. "Explode? If you're talking about what I think you're talking about ... I have to tell you I never ... uh ... uh.." he said embarrassed. "You mean you're a virgin and you've never experienced an orgasm? Gosh ... that's so sexy!" she gasped. He just blushed and lowered his head. "Wow, I can't believe the girls have never noticed how gifted you are down there." Annie added. "I've never been this big before. You are one special girl." he replied.

      "You're in for real treat my nerdy little friend." she said as she guided him towards the bed. The topless 14 year old then lay on the bed and spread her legs wide open. "Come lay right here, honey." she said, patting her crotch. he lay on his back, with his head against her crotch. "Oh, I think you better unzip your pants and let that monster out to breath." Annie suggested Eugene did so and Annie gazed at his towering erection. "Are you ready?" she asked. "Will it hurt?" asked a nervous Eugene as he eyed the two monstrous thighs on either side of his head. "Yes, it's going to hurt, ... but it will be a good hurt." she assured as she crossed her legs. All but his lips and nose were submersed in muscles. "Okay ... I'm just going to ... power up my muscles a little bit." she said in a calming tone. Annie gently flexed her feet forward. Her bloated legs grew more mounds and mounds of muscle. The expanding muscles completely engulfed his head.

      His hands came up onto her thighs. "Hmmmm ... still no squirming! I'm impressed!" Annie said. The young girl then tensed her thighs. Crackling, expanding muscles bloated her thighs out to 65 inches. Eugene just kept caressing her thighs, not showing any signs of pain. "Mmmmmm ... tough little boy!" Annie exclaimed. Resting on her hands, Annie raised her butt off the bed and arched her back. She squeezed with extreme force. Muscles popped, bulged, and rippled. She looked at his throbbing, raging erection. It was nearly purple and looked plugged. "Come on, sweetie ... you can do it!" she said as she squeezed harder. His hands finally fell limp to his side. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffff!" Annie grunted as she squeezed hard. Her thighs became monstrously huge. His member filled like a balloon. "Mmmmmmmmmmm ... here you cum, baby!" she sighed with one last surge of muscle from her thighs. Annie watched his member gyrate and then explode with fluid. "Go sweetie, go!" Annie elated as she too felt the surge of muscle build as she orgasmed. Annie gyrated as she violently orgasmed. Eugene's head was drenched by her fluids deep within her thighs.

      Annie open her legs. Eugene's entire head was drenched in her fluids. He was groggy, but coming out if it. "Are you okay, sweetie?" Annie's young voice asked. Eugene just softly moaned with a pleasurable smile. Annie brought her up legs and spread wide open. She caressed her muscle-bloated thighs. "My older brother is the only one who has been able to withstand that much muscle from me ... until you." Annie smiled. She lifted his head off of her and sat him up. She grabbed a nearby towel and placed it over his crotch area. She rubbed his cheek as he opened his eyes. "How you feeling, Eugene?" asked the muscle teen. "Never ... better." he muttered.

      Annie stood up and grabbed her halter top. She put it on, stretching it to it's limit. "I'm still a little swole up with muscles!" she giggled. "I hope I didn't hurt you too much?" Annie said leaning down to him on the bed. "That was the greatest thing I've ever felt in my life." Eugene replied with ear to ear smile. Annie leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you, too. that felt great for me, too." she said to him and then stood up. "Now let's get you and this bed cleaned up so nobody's the wiser of what happened here. "Ya ... good idea!" he replied.

      After the clean up, the two teenagers were at the school exit doors. "Well ... uh ... I hope ... I can  .. talk to you some time again?" Eugene asked in a shy manner. Annie, who's muscles were back down to their normal mammoth state, kissed him on the cheek. "Oh we'll do more than just talk again, honey!" she said with a wink and a smile. Eugene then watched as she started on her walk home. Her muscle-round gluts swaying left and right, grabbing glances from every person and car that had her in their view. "What a girl!" he said to himself.

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