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Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Big Girls on Campus
« Last post by grbaclig on Today at 01:55:02 am »
Chapter 23 – Cherries, According to Mindy

   I felt so bad for Suanne.  She was sobbing into her hands as she lay in her bed, curled up against a pile of pillows.  I felt bad for her, but I couldn’t stop staring at the smooth gleaming perfection of her calves.  “It’s okay,” I said.  “He was a jerk.  He doesn’t deserve you.”
   “You don’t understand,” Suanne sobbed.  “I need him.”
   “You don’t need him, I said, rubbing my hand up and down Suanne’s gigantic tricep. 
   I wanted to squeeze her arm and lick it, but I didn’t want to drive her away.  Not when she was this close.  Her skirt was riding up and I could see the crease where her immense thigh met the shapely bulge of her buttock.  I could see the impression of her labia under the flimsy fabric of her lacy panties.  I gulped as I scanned every inch of her massive curvaceous glory.  “I do need him,” she sobbed.  “Sexy little things like you have guys lined up around the block, but most men won’t even look twice at me.”
   “That’s not true,” I said firmly, gently pulling Suanne’s hands away from her face.  “You’re gorgeous.  You know you are.  Look me in the eyes and tell me that you’re not.”
   And she was gorgeous, even with mascara running down her cheeks and eyes puffy from tears.  I wanted to press her face into my bosom and stroke her hair until she stopped crying, but I didn’t want to drive her away.  Not when she was this close. “I know I have a pretty face,” she finally admitted.  “But knowing it and feeling beautiful are two different things.”
   “You have huge boobs, too,” I said, taking the opportunity to stare at the pillowy softness breasts and the steely hardness of her pectorals.
   Suanne smiled a bit as she straightened up and adjusted her blouse to hide her assets.  It didn’t work.  Her pecs still jutted out like slabs of girl beef and the spheres of her tits were still just barely visible.  I wanted to reach out and bury my face in her rack, but I didn’t want to drive her away.  Not when she was this close.  “Believe me, I hear about my boobs all the time,” she laughed, drying her eyes.
   “Suanne,” I said, taking her hands in mine, as best I could anyway.  “You’re an incredible person and it’s like totally hard for incredible people to find love.”
   “Thanks, sugar,” Suanne said, smiling.  “That’s a beautiful thing to say.”
   I leaned forward and batted my eyes.  “You just need to find the right guy,” I said.  “Or girl.”
   Suanne pulled away.  I was about to explode with desire, but also with sympathy.  I knew I could make her feel special and beautiful if only she would let me.   “Thanks, Mindy” she said.  “But what I really need now is ice cream.  Unfortunately there’s a ban on sweets until Halloween.”
   “Oh wait!” I exclaimed, remembering the cooler bag that I left by the desk earlier.   I opened the cooler bag, but instead of having ingredients for ice cream sundaes, it was just a quart of cherry ice cream, with no spoon.  “Huh,” I said.  I guess I should have checked first.”
   “Oh my goodness is that cherry ice cream!?” Suanne gushed.  “I love cherries.”
   “Oh really?” I asked, inching closer to Suanne.  “There’s no spoon, but we can use our fingers.”
   “I just had my nails done,” Suanne said, examining her perfect pink nails, “but you can scoop some out for me.  I know I shouldn’t be eating sweets, but cherries drive me absolutely wild.  When I was a girl, my mother forbade me from eating them, because they made me act… unladylike.”
   “Oh really?” I asked, inching right up to Suanne and digging my fingers into the softened ice cream.  “Here, you have the first bite,” I said as I dropped a clump of ice cream into Suanne’s left hand.
   She slurped it down, moaning as she licked her fingers.  “So good,” she gasped.  I guess she saw the lust in my eyes because she smiled.  “You’re not trying take advantage of me are you?” she giggled.
   “Have some more ice cream,” I said, digging out another scoop.  But instead of dropping it in her hand, I held it up to her mouth.  “It’s okay,” I said.  “I washed my hands.”
   Suanne rolled her eyes, but she didn’t say no.  Instead she pulled her hair back and bent over, slurping the ice cream out of my hand, and licking the trails of melted ice cream from my fingers.  My nipples got so hard so fast I swear I could hear them ruffling the fabric of my dress.  “This is really expensive ice cream,” Suanne cooed.  “It’s so good.”
   I dug out s scoop for myself and tried it.  It was super good.  And my scoop had a whole cherry in it, stem and all.  I didn’t eat it, though.  “Look what I got,” I said, holding it up before Suanne.  Her eyes flashed and she scooted closer.  I playfully rubbed the cherry around my lips, and stopped just before I was about to pop it into my mouth.  “You would probably appreciate this more,” I said.
   “Thanks,” she said huskily, taking the cherry and slowly pressing it between her lips.
   I scooted in closer, so that our legs were touching.  “Have some more ice cream,” I said, digging out another scoop, which was full of bright red chunks.  “This one has a lot of cherry in it.”
   Suanne took my hand by the wrist and slowly licked every trace of ice cream off of my hand.  I could feel my coochie throbbing with every beat of my heart.  And it felt good.  I ate another handful of ice cream, and got another cherry.  I held it up in front of Suanne, then dropped it into my cleavage, where it rested in the soft crease of my huge hooters.  Suanne put her hands beside me and leaned forward.  I could feel the heat from her body as her face drew near to mine.  “Now I know you’re trying to take advantage of me,” Suanne said.
   “Have some more ice cream,” I said, digging out another scoop and stuffing it into Suanne’s mouth.  She purred and moaned as she licked my hand and fingers. 
   I dug out another scoop for me, letting some drops of ice cream fall on my boobs around the cherry, while Suanne stared into my cleavage.  I got another cherry, and held it between my fingers as I moved the ice cream away from Suanne and reclined just a bit.  “Come on,” I cooed.  “They won’t bite.”
   Suanne chuckled as she rolled her eyes and bent over me.  I shuddered as I felt her soft lips pluck the cherry from my cleavage, and I quivered as I felt her tongue lick the spots of ice cream from the firm orbs of cleavage that bloomed out of my shrunken sundress.  She was licking her lips as she straightened up.  And her nipples were poking up under her blouse like shotgun shells under a napkin.
   I used the hand holding the cherry to pull my dress up to my ribcage, and dug out another scoop of ice cream.  “Oh my,” Suanne said, blushing.  “You’re not wearing any underwear.”
   “Why would I wear underwear?” I giggled playfully.
   “Well your abs look great,” Suanne said.  “And in only a few days.  You should be proud.”
   Puzzled, I looked down.  Suanne was right.  I could see the outline of a six pack forming on my stomach, and those “devil horn” muscles were showing above my thighs.  I looked hot.
   I dropped the scoop of ice cream onto my navel, rolling my hips as trails of pink-white stickiness snaked down my newly-defined tummy toward my close-trimmed blonde bush.  I placed the cherry on top of the melting dessert, as Suanne licked her lips and drew herself closer to me.  “Have some more ice cream,” I said.
   Suanne cocked her head.  “Oh sugar I don’t know,” she said.
   “It’s just ice cream,” I said.  “And cherries.  Besides, you don’t have to eat any of it.  It’s not like I can force you to do anything.”
   Suanne giggled.  “Well if you keep getting bigger every week, who knows?” she said.  “You’ve made some very impressive gains in a few days.  I can see your obliques coming in right here.”
   I watched as Suanne ran her finger along my abs, and she was right.  My core was starting to ripple with muscle.  There was something clinical and platonic about Suanne’s touch, but as soon as she got near my crotch, I shuddered with arousal and gasped.  And then she pulled her hand back and gasped too.  And then we laughed.
   Suanne’s face was so close to mine.  Her big blue eyes were so sparkly and her big red lips looked so soft.  So I leaned forward and kissed her.  And then I kissed her again.  And then she kissed me back.  A second later she was eating ice cream off my stomach, and I was rubbing my hands along her big, broad shoulders.  I trembled as her tongue followed the trail of ice cream down to my vagina.  “Noe this is what I want,” I said, twirling Suanne’s hair as she started to lick.
Calves and Legs / Re: Anna's Calves
« Last post by D.C.M. on Today at 01:43:46 am »
Yes, no problem. You will see more updates of her on Diamond Calves! She is very kind... :hey:
Calves and Legs / Re: Diamond Calves Models Clip-Store
« Last post by D.C.M. on Today at 01:40:21 am »
Thank you Shelton! Yeah, I agree with you...;D

Great updates! Annie Mae is looking hotter than ever.
Muscular Women Art / Re: 3 FMG Games Package
« Last post by cathiker2002 on Today at 01:34:27 am »
     Thanks for the great comments. Here are more of these big muscular ladies.

Session reviews + photos / Re: Megan Avalon
« Last post by Duke69 on Today at 01:30:22 am »
I thought this thread was about session reviews for Megan  Avalon  ???
Muscular Women Art / Re: Josie´s Jog
« Last post by darthmoul on Today at 01:14:43 am »
woww great stuff
Muscular Women Art / Re: Josie´s Jog
« Last post by Yepesnopes on Today at 01:13:46 am »
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