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Asian Muscle / Re: Quaren Muscle Girl
« Last post by defbb on Today at 10:44:44 am »
Calves and Legs / Re: Armbrust legs
« Last post by manx422 on Today at 10:38:44 am »
Memorable Female Muscle & Hall of Legends / Peggy Schoolcraft
« Last post by Rob99 on Today at 10:37:26 am »
The awesome Peggy on german TV  :wow:


Karma is always welcome :-)
Memorable Female Muscle & Hall of Legends / Re: RM-13 Michelle Ralabate
« Last post by Rob99 on Today at 10:21:54 am »
Here's Quinn 3.

   After the incident in the gym, Paul agreed with Quinn that she should work out late, when the gym was deserted. Quinn thus spent her time late in the deserted gym, focused on building her muscles to the max. The gym was filled with rows after rows of exercise machines, free weights, and other muscle building equipment.  The walls were covered floor to ceiling in mirrors. 
Quinn stood in the room admiring herself before starting her daily workout. Her chest was over 200 inches, thanks to her wide, hugely muscled back, and her gigantic breasts. Her waist was a mere 25 inches, and her pumped-up hips measured 45 inches. Her thighs and calves measured 64" and 42" respectively, and her arms were 32" of hardness. All this was at a height of 6'8", and a weight of 350 lbs.
   The first thing she worked was her mammoth arms. She walked over to a dumbbell rack, and selected 500-lb dumbbells. She held one in each hand, and slowly alternated curling them, watching her arms flex and pump in the mirrors. She was amazed that even 500lbs seemed light, and she easily ripped off ten sets of curls. She continued to increase the weight, until she was curling 750lbs dumbbells for reps, and her veins were pumped full of blood, making her muscles even fuller than before. She popped a pose, looking in the mirror, and smiled, admiring her gigantic, powerful arms.
   Next up were thighs. She walked to the leg press machine and loaded it up with 1000lbs weights. She sat in the machine, and ripped off a set, clearly seeing every massive muscle in her legs working, pumping, pushing the weight up again and again. She could feel the pleasure building in her pussy, as her huge 6” clit was squeezed between her pythons, but she was determined to finish the ten sets as her leg muscles swelled even more, clearly visible through her skin. She continued to flex them, looking at them from every angle, building up the pleasure in her pussy. They looked powerful enough to crush 55-gallon drums between them.
   She turned and admired her round, steel-hard ass. As she pumped her hips, she saw the muscles in her butt clench and release, and she thought of how wonderful it would be to fuck someone and be able to pound back as hard as she got.    She was getting quite excited as she saw her enormous clit poking her panties, but it wasn't until she worked her chest that she thought she may have gotten too much. She loaded a bar with 1000lbs of weight. She got on the bench, and all too easily ripped off 12 reps. She upped the weight to 1250lbs, and ripped off another 12 reps, without even being winded. She finished her bench work with two more sets at 1500 lbs. Her mammoth tits jutted out even further, resting on her enormous pectoral muscles, jiggling sexily as she walked around the gym.
   Two hours later, drenched with sweat, she was posing in front of the mirrors. She was not tired, yet her workout would have killed any other human being, man or woman. As she posed, her sweat poured over her swollen tits, around her melon-sized shoulders, across her football-like arm muscles, down her enormous legs, along her silky smooth skin, to the floor. She posed and pumped herself up in front of the mirrors for another 30 minutes, admiring her massively pumped body, before hitting the showers.
   It was only when she was drying off that she seriously noticed her tits. Each basketball-sized breast was perfectly smooth and spherical. They were capped off by huge deep brown aureole, and nipples thicker than her thumb. She smoothed her hands over each mountainous tit, feeling their firmness and impressive weight, moaning as she felt the first tingles of lust rippling through her pumped up body. When she squeezed her nipples lightly, she thought she would come right there from the lightning bolt of electric lust blasting through her, connecting her nipples and pussy in perfect symbiosis.
   She continued to stroke and pinch her nipples, feeling them throb in perfect time with her spasming pussy. Her head rolled back in lust, as she rode wave after wave of delicious pleasure, each one building on the last. She looked down, and noticed that her nipples had swelled to the size of shotglasses. She closed her eyes, and lifted one of her orbs to her mouth. Her full lips closed around her nipple, and she sucked, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure as her pussy cranked up to another level of pure pleasure as she started stroking her massive clit. She caught herself in the mirrors and the sight nearly had her cumming on the spot. She alternated sucking her enormous nipples, and was soon rewarded with a jet of warm, creamy tit-milk. She pulled back, and watched her milk shoot out of her in thick blasts. She was now stroking her 6” clit powerfully and furiously as she felt her pussy spasming out of control. Quinn knew it wouldn't be long now as she continued to suck and stroke, feeling herself climb higher and higher, until her body could no longer contain her lust. Her huge clit flexed and quaked, and her pussy spasmed mightily. Her cunt juice shot out of her pussy, in gush after gush as she came and came, each mighty orgasm more powerful than the last. Finally, her quaking body subsided, and, after she cleaned off the huge puddle she made on the bench and the floor, she put on a robe to return to gym.
   The robe was definitely too tight. Her powerful shoulders and arms stretched the material to its limit. Her tits bulged from the centre of the robe, showing mounds of cleavage to the world. She got back into the gym and noticed that Karen, the receptionist, was staring intently at her hard, round, juicy ass as it swayed from the room. Karen apparently knew about the arrangement between Paul and Quinn and has heard about the incident at the gym. Tonight she came to the gym quietly as she wanted to see if everything everybody was talking about was true.
Karen approached Quinn. Her large breasts were heaving, and her nipples were plainly visible through the thin fabric of her dress. Without a word, she reached up and kissed Quinn fully on the lips, her silky tongue sliding in and out of her mouth. Quinn moaned and decided to go with the flow as Karen reached into Quinn’s robe and tweaked her huge nipples. Karen was well known in the gym as she fucked around. She had a reputation of having fucked the biggest male and female bodybuilders in the gym.
   As Quinn shrugged off her robe, Karen gasped. Quinn was more muscular and much bigger than Paul, who was the biggest guy in the gym. In fact Karen realised that she was easily the most muscular person in the world. Quinn flexed her arms in an astounding double-biceps pose and Karen moaned as she ran her hands over Quinn's huge bulging arms. Her hands were too small to grasp Quinn’s enormous biceps. Her muscularity was beyond belief, never had she seen anyone as muscular as Quinn before in her life. Karen continued her worshipping of Quinn’s muscular body, running her hand down Quinn's sides and over her mountainous breasts. It was Quinn's turn to moan as Karen rubbed and stroked Quinn's now shotglass-sized nipples. With her head reaching Quinn’s massive breasts, Karen softly kissed Quinn's engorged nipples, swirling her tongue around the massive jugs, and wrapping her lips around one, sucking hotly. Quinn was in orbit with lust, urging Karen to suck her harder and harder. Karen alternated between the swollen nipples, and as before, Quinn's nipples gave forth a jet of warm, creamy tit-milk. Karen slid back, and pinched Quinn's nipples, watching as the creamy milk exploded from Quinn's giant nipples. Surprised, Karen started mewing contentedly, as she eagerly lapped the milk from Quinn's tits, and continued sucking her big nips. Quinn groaned as the throbbing in her tits and nipples spread to her entire body. She began quaking, and before long, she came to a moaning, jetting orgasm, squirting her cunt juice all over Karen's legs.  Karen was shocked. Never had she seen anything like this but was ready for more. She kissed her way down Quinn's abdomen, marvelling at the huge lumps of muscle there. She licked and stroked Quinn's enormous thighs, outlining every curvaceous muscle with her silky wet tongue. By now, Quinn was shaking, her lust climbing higher and higher. Quinn spread her legs, and Karen gasped out aloud. What she saw was unbelievable, impossible and yet there it was in all its glory in front of her very own eyes.
Quinn looked down between her tits, and saw her gigantic clit poking out from her dripping pussy. It was as long and thick, 6” of pulsing meaty clit. Karen had to touch it and when she stroked it with her trembling hand, Quinn went ballistic with pleasure. Karen began licking and sucking the giant protrusion, and Quinn was moaning loudly, bucking her huge ass, pumping her hips into the receptionists mouth. Karen grabbed Quinn’s enormous legs as she was nearly pushed to the floor, such was the power of Quinn’s muscled hips. Karen kept up the pressure, occasionally sliding her long silky tongue deep inside Quinn's juicing pussy before returning her attention to Quinn's gigantic throbbing clit as Quinn now held Karen face against her pussy. When she took Quinn's clit into her mouth, she felt it getting bigger and she thought her mind was playing tricks with her. She couldn’t get enough of Quinn’s clit though and sucked it hard like she would suck a man’s dick. Quinn screamed as her orgasm exploded through her body. Every giant muscle flexed, and her pussy spewed forth jet after jet of creamy cunt juice. Karen strained to keep up with Quinn's cunt, swallowing her lusty juices. After an eternity, Quinn's orgasm subsided, and as Karen, smiling, came up for air, she said “You are an incredible woman, Quinn”.
   Karen timidly thrust her huge tits into Quinn. Quinn softly squeezed them, admiring their weight and firmness. She took a thumb-sized nipple into her mouth and sucked. Karen moaned, and Quinn was soon alternating between both big nipples, sucking and sliding her long wet tongue over them. Karen was shaking, begging Quinn to lick her pussy. Quinn slid down her body, slipping her tongue into the folds of Karen's wet cunt. Karen moaned as Quinn alternated between licking and sucking her clit, and sliding her long tongue deep into Karen's sizzling cunt. Quinn returned Karen's favour by sucking hard on her clit and immediately the receptionist exploded, such was the power that Quinn's mouth exerted on Karen’s cunt. Karen landed on the floor. It was the best orgasm she ever had. She was still revealing in the aftermath of her orgasms when Quinn picked her up and both women were facing each other.  Quinn picked up Karen easily, her biceps pumped powerfully and she looked down into the eyes of the lusty receptionist. 
Karen looked at Quinn’s tits and said  "They are big and strong and I love them".  "Humm, I am still so horny" Quinn replied. Quinn was truly insatiable. "Quinn, just how long is your clit?  You could actually fuck someone with that" Karen asked. Quinn knew her clit’s measurement but sexily said “You want to feel how big my muscled clit is, Baby” and she reached down and masturbated her clit just like a man would do with his cock. “Oh My God Quinn, this is amazing… Oh God, you are incredible!” Karen grasped. Quinn’s clit was truly a beautifully erect and muscled specimen and Quinn pushed Karen down onto her back.  Karen was in shock and Quinn wasted no time in mounting her, inserting her fully erect 6” clit into the lubricated cunt of the receptionist.  “Oh My God, Oh My God… Your clit is so huge!” Karen screamed, realising that Quinn was going to fuck her with her huge clit. Quinn took hold of Karen’s thighs and started pumping away powerfully, filling Karen’s pussy completely. Karen had never been so satisfied in her life.  She could feel Quinn’s power as she fucked her with her massive clit. “Oh God, yes, yeessss!” Karen grasped and as Quinn felt her reaching her climax, she stopped pumping with her enormous clit fully buried into the receptionist’s cunt. Karen was about to complain when she felt Quinn moving her muscled clit from side to side and up and down inside her. Quinn was immobile but controlling the muscles in her powerful clit. The pleasure Karen was experiencing was beyond everything she could ever have imagined. "Oh My God, this is amazing Quinn… Your huge clit is poking me so good… It’s more than I can handle…  I am going to cum… Oh My God…” Karen yelled and hearing this, Quinn resumed her powerful fucking of the receptionist. 
"This feels so good.  I feel so powerful!  Take my enormous clit! It is long and hard just for you, Baby.  Take my clit-cock… I am going to fuck you like no man can” Quinn replied and Karen, overwhelmed with lust, grabbed Quinn's ass and tried to squeeze her hard muscular ass checks. Karen started to come, orgasming one after the other.  Karen was totally spent and yet Quinn continued to fuck her. Startled, Karen said, "You're insatiable.  You can't possibly go again!  I just came about six times.  I know you came as well!" Quinn, looking down at her partner said, "I’m just getting into the fucking Baby… It feels so good… Go on suck on my big muscled tits." Quinn kept powering the worn out receptionist, using her huge clit, to make her come again and again until Karen was unconscious with pleasure. Finally, Quinn came and gushed her pussy juice all over Karen. Her orgasm seemed to last an eternity.  Quinn rolled off her friend onto her back. "That was incredible! I didn't think it would feel so good to do it with another woman.” She thought imagining what it would be like to do it to a man and would she ever find such a man who will be willing to take as much as she can give. With that thought in mind, Quinn woke Karen up. The receptionist was still in awe of the amazing fucking she got and after she re-clothing herself, she left the gym saying to Quinn how much she was looking forward to their next encounter. Feeling horny again, Quinn responded in kind and went into the shower to cool herself down. The sun was rising and she needed to leave before the gym reopened.

Hope you enjoyed the story. Karma appreciated. Thanks.
thankyou very much
Private Sessions & Reviews / Re: Kissing during wrestling sessions
« Last post by cgl on Today at 10:01:13 am »
I had a seesion with bunny glamazon and she kissed me quite often ! It was a nice surpised. She told me she couldn't help doing that because I was a really tiny cute boy !!
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