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Jobber Jade is popular with fans and custom buyers, and we're posting a few classic image sets featuring her by request.
First up is Bambi vs Jade, a female wrestling image set of 170~ action and posed photos.

See this and stay tuned for more photo sets a la carte on -
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: 2099 - A Woman's World
« Last post by joesoul on Today at 09:11:10 am »
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Third shift can be dangerous
« Last post by princton on Today at 08:41:03 am »
When I woke up she was standing in the doorway holding two 16 oz. Coke cans. Good you're awake about time, she said. I don't think you're scared enough of me yet so I'm going to put on a quick show for you, don't even think of looking away. Putting one can in the crook of her arm she slowly started to flex her bicep and just as it was about to peak the can exploded. I gasped accidentally and she smiled then turned around and put the second can in between her round, incredibly muscled ass cheeks and flexed hard causing the can to burst instantly. Then she grabbed the stores small metal filing cabinet and sat down placing it in between her thighs, you don't need this do you? She asked as she crossed her ankles. Her quads seemed to double in size as she flexed and soon the sides started to cave in, as the metal screeched she started to moan sexily, damn I love I strong I am.
Getting up she looked at me, now imagine those objects were you....not that you'll have to for long. Before we continue I want you to worship my muscles.

General Chat / Re: Place to buy vintage posing suits???
« Last post by ineedfbb on Today at 08:04:06 am »
Thanks. But IMHO that would be a time consuming process and not feasible given the timeline we have.
Foreign Languages - Saradas International / Re: Français
« Last post by petitskinny on Today at 07:41:59 am »

En effet ! Elle a l'air très impressionante ! Tu peux nous donner plus de détail sur ce que vous avez fait ? Comment elle t 'a soulevé ? Etais tu nu ? Quelles sont ta taille et ton poids ? Jusqu'ou êtes vous allés ?

Merci !!!

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis nouveau ici. Je m'appelle Benjamin et j'aime les femmes grande, fortes et dominantes.
J'ai déjà fais quelque session de lutte avec des filles du circuit.

Je suis de Besançon et je viens de tomber sur une pépite totalement inconnue du circuit
L'annonce  est sur sexemodel, elle est très grande, très puissante (elle m'a soulevé comme une poupée et retourné comme une crêpe) et elle aime lutter et dominer les hommes.
voici l'annonce pour les curieux :
Also has 16" biceps, she told me
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