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Muscular Women Art / Re: *LH* Lots 'n' Lots by LoSarro
« Last post by tiojojoca on Today at 07:38:47 pm »
I can't say I'm fond of this business model.
Muscular Women Art / Re: [FFF] Lil Villain
« Last post by nufack on Today at 07:31:31 pm »
Superwoman/Comic Book Fan-Art / Black Talon
« Last post by 1AnonAnomaly on Today at 07:31:09 pm »

A lawless post-apocalypse world is in urgent need for a champion of justice. Unfortunately, would-be superheroines are either being assassinated or simply vanishing without a trace. All alone, Black Talon is barely able to survive, let alone restore law and order. She cannot even hide in the dark. So, reluctantly, she joins forces with Obscura Prime and Lynx in a quest to discover the whereabouts of other super powered crime fighters.   

A rare superheroine peril drama, where intrigue is just as important as combat scenes, and where brains count more than muscle.
Cris Goy lesbian?
Muscular Women Art / Re: [FFF] Lil Villain
« Last post by nothingspecial on Today at 07:27:07 pm »
UK Female Bodybuilding and Fitness / Re: Maria Glazowska
« Last post by xephos on Today at 07:18:04 pm »
A bit?

She has conned 42k pounds worth of benfietes and has a previous charge of growing 30k pounds worth of weed.

I would say she's in a lot more than a bit of trouble. lol

No wonder she quit sessions, she was making money elsewhere in a lot more dishonest means, she should have just stuck to sessions tbh.

Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Jill and Me
« Last post by JerusalemTulip on Today at 07:06:19 pm »
Still one of the greatest stories on here.  Everyone is busy I know, and you've already treated us to...who knows?...two hundred pages or more?  I'd still like to see where everyone ends up if you feel up to it.  I hope you haven't been too discouraged by critical feedback.  I don't personally care for pegging, but was glad to read your well argued response to that criticism.  The story turned a bit darker at points but it seems to me like you don't intend to keep it there.  Jill and Dave have both cheated on one another, but love would just be a sentimental word if it was never tested in some way, and I think you're doing so in a believable fashion.  I've lost track of time in this story.  How far along are we in story years since it began?  Anyone know?  I'd still love to see where Jill, Dave, and the rest all end up at the end.  Thanks for keeping it up and I hope you continue.
Muscular Women Art / Re: #FANart: Legend of Korra
« Last post by uzi4you2 on Today at 07:04:48 pm »
Great muscles on her here from this fan art!!

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