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Calves and Legs / Re: Jelena Jaksic Legs
« Last post by lucas66 on Today at 08:18:52 am »
 :woohoo: :rock:
All fun aside...height to weight ratio..I would count as one of the biggest.
Overall mass..Bigger than Laurie... but as far as Colette and Tina Zampa...some of my measurements are bigger, but as far as overall mass those two have me beat. Colette has MUCH bigger pecs, lats, delts...and her peak is higher even if her arm circumference is not. Same for Tina Zampa. I need to get my overall mass built more...develop bigger lats, traps and delts..get that peak bigger and tricep horseshoe fuller and bigger. I do have a crazy peak and my short arms have a little to do with my massive peak and tricep pushing the tape to 20" I am a freak at gaining though, so it is within my grasp eventually, and then more.

thanks for that huni :-)  we all know how easy it is for you to gain mass, as you said you are a genetic freak when it comes to gains, it's defo in your grasp to achieve this, and then some more. you go girl. mwah
Progress / Re: MassiveShelly Progress
« Last post by MassiveShelly on Today at 07:41:47 am »


Muscular Women Art / Re: Basement Wrestling League
« Last post by tepuy on Today at 07:32:33 am »
 8) :bravo:
Superheroines & Fan Art / Re: New Gs
« Last post by Spakto on Today at 07:22:04 am »
It's all politics. Iris Kyle didn't do a whole lot of shoots with the cheesecake sites while she was the reigning champ, so it's likely a mandate by the IFBB. Probably because they think Ms. Olympia needs to exhibit a little 'decorum' and not do fetish stuff, much to our chagrin. I noticed Alina got rid of her shoulder tattoo as well. They probably keep their favorites on a short leash, and if you want to even be considered in the top three you need to play by their rules.
Muscular Women Art / Re: INDIAN RIGHTS- Reup by request
« Last post by tepuy on Today at 07:17:59 am »
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