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Fitness, Figure & Bikini / Lucia Dorniakova
« Last post by Paul1966 on Today at 07:36:08 pm »
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Looking for Kyotaro-Oro's stories
« Last post by falzion on Today at 07:31:56 pm »
I was able to find the prologue, but that's it so far

Titan Girl - Prologue FMG
By Kyotaro-Oro

"Huah!" came the loud yell as a forceful fist flew through the air, striking down the foe who dared to get near. A crowd of criminals, collected together in a circle in the street now cowered before the envoy of justice before them. Still, persistant to the end, they charged in, only to each get taken out quickly as they came near. Attempting a foolhardy plan to jump on top of the monstrously muscular figure in the center at once, they were stunned to find that the figure managed to stand up without a problem, carrying their weight as though they were loaves of bread rather than fully-grown men. Twisting about, the figure managed to fling all of their forms off, throwing them to the ground.

Lying defeated in the street, the group now shook, scared of this superheroic saviour of the people whom they had held up in a bank moments before - until, of course, this being had arrived and defended them, managing to bring the fight outside where no one would get hurt. Attempting to flee had failed miserably - at once, the beaten and hurt robbers were caught by police officials arriving on the scene, quickly catching and cuffing each one. The crisis had been completely averted and the day thoroughly saved, to put it in an admittedly cliche way.

"You're going to be taken back with us" the Police Chief remarked to the leader of this pathetic posse, watching as they were pulled away to squad cars before walking back over to the hero of the day, smiling wide. The Police Chief was a simple but dutiful man, with dark hair that was beginning to grey slicked back, along with a well-groomed moustache. He was in his late forties or early fifties, if one were to hazard a guess, and his uniform was spick and span. Tidy and neat, just as one expected of someone in his position.

"We are grateful for your help once again. Certainly, this would not have gone as smoothly without you" he told the hero, smiling up at their face. The figure smiled back, and despite the majority of the face being covered in an orange mask, he could still see a pink hue on their cheeks.

"Oh, no, I just helped! You, the police, you guys are the real heroes. I mean, I can't handle every problem myself - You guys are always there to make sure no one gets away" she remarked. The figure was a tall, muscular woman who stood easily at twice the height of an ordinary person and, from shoulder to shoulder, was probably twice as wide too. Her large, stunningly strong frame was built of boulder-like biceps, tremendous triceps, colossal quadriceps, powerful pectorals and pretty much impossibly huge muscles all around, condensed into one form. Still, her figure was recognizeably feminine, with a beautiful face framed by long, blonde hair flowing behind her back and blue eyes, round and wide like pools.

Her uniform was decidedly a superhero's - With orange shorts covering halfway down her thighs, orange boots reaching the knees, orange gloves going up as far as the elbow and an orange mask, whilst a white top covered her upper body as best it could, save for some of her abdominals, leaving her belly-button exposed. She smiled cutely down at the Police Chief before he walked off, only to hurriedly and frantically grab something from the pocket of her tight shorts - a cell phone, which seemed impossibly tiny in her hands, yet delicate fingers managed to turn it on without breaking it, staring at the clock display. She panicked.

"S-Sorry guys, I've gotta go!" she yelled out to the people who'd come to thank her, immediately racing off from the spot with speed so great she became an orange blur to the people around. She weaved herself through the streets with ease, passing the comparatively slow cars and other vehicles as she ran. This heroine was the one and only Titan Girl, a muscular warrior of justice whom none could stand up against. She was the town's strong-arm of the law, a superheroine like none other. She was young, but she had bravery and courage to face the criminals of the streets and take them down before passing them over to the right authorities. People adored her, but unfortunately she didn't have time for that.

She had school, after all.

Racing into an abandoned alleyway, where no one was looking, she suddenly began to shrink down, all that muscle vanishing as her limbs thinned out, her head moving down as she lost her height and in short time, all she was was an ordinary, blonde girl in impossibly large clothes, too big for any person to wear other than the superheroine she'd been moments before hand. Throwing the clothes off, she took out a bag from behind a bin and suddenly donned another pair - a short, grey skirt and white dress shirt with a small magenta tie, black socks going up to the knees and black shoes. All in all, the uniform of a schoolgirl. Shoving the big clothes into the bag, she swiftly tucked them away into the bag and ran back out the alleyway, racing across the road.

"Ooh... I think I might make it, break's not over yet!" she commented as she ran, racing back into the schoolyard only to accidentally bump into someone, causing them both to take a step back, red faced and embarrassed.

"S-Sorry!" they both exclaimed at once, before blinking as they saw each other. Standing before the girl was a young man with short, dark hair wearing a similar white dress shirt, grey trousers and black shoes, with a magenta tie as well. His eyes were green, shining like emeralds as he stared back into hers. She recognized him well - this was a boy from her class, James Kelly.

"Cassie? What are you doing here? Did you have to run down to the shop down the road?" he asked, curiously, blinking as he stared at her. Feeling a little nervous under his gaze, she nodded shyly, before swiftly sidestepping around him and walking on, red-faced.

"My, that was impressive. Way to not-talk to the guy you actually like" came a sarcastic voice. Turning, she spotted another girl in the same uniform, with dark hair in a bob cut and a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of her nose. She hadn't even looked up towards Cassie yet, instead fixed on her phone as she texted god-knows-who.

"Kim! I thought you're supposed to support me!" she remarked, only for Kim to raise a finger up to stop her.

"I support you when you go do the hero thing and when you need a friend. Right now, you need one, but you need one that's willing to make you march your ass back to him and have a decent conversation with him. If you don't tell him how you feel, how will you ever get his attention?" she asked, but Cassie simply went red-faced as she became flustered.

"I know! But it's scary, you know?"

"Scarier than the villains on the street?"


Walking back to class as they continued their discussion, they knew that the town was safe for another day. This is the story of Cassandra Armstrong, the superheroine known as Titan Girl.
Session reviews - Request of session reviews / Re: Mistress Treasure
« Last post by lee3333 on Today at 07:28:26 pm »
why don't you ask the former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach
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Fitness, Figure & Bikini / Re: Hope Beel
« Last post by SCJames on Today at 06:59:36 pm »
More new images, again many by top photo man Justin Martin.

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