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Your time starts ticking before the system has even connected you to the model. I lost 31 credits while waiting on the site to establish a connection. This needs to be fixed.

I'm definitely not happy to hear that you've had this experience. Please email us at so that we can get you properly credited for any that you've lost.

My experience has been really good so far, though i've been on the site for a decade so i was an auto VIP.

All of the previously recorded videos for purchase are loaded, so if you're still looking for them look no further.

I do like that the girls can email out updates to the fan club so theres some sort of communication outside of the chat, and theyve been responsive to private messages and emails. Very good upgrade so far.

Thanks for that feedback and for sticking with us for so long. We hope to bring fans even more to enjoy at HB later this year. 

so the only way to find out when the girl you want and have joined her club , is online, is to send her an email, if you are a vip member right; oK that may be good , but you need to have only some girls and not many cause vip members cant send as many emails as they want.

Yes, the old "notify when online" system - while worthwhile and convenient for some users - proved to be a nightmare for most and on top of the user inboxes being flooded, our email was often labeled as spam, which is not something any online business wants. It worked best for models like Colette who were rarely on. If you were a fan, you did not want to miss your once-in-6-months chance to see her and because she was only on twice a year, the system message was not targeted as spam. The new system is better for this, because the models can send users as many messages as they want.
Muscular Women Art / Re: +Notable Artist: [B9tribeca]
« Last post by bars113 on Today at 05:20:01 pm »
nice, thanks
New Member Introduction / Re: New female member from DC
« Last post by Mrr7685 on Today at 05:19:40 pm »
Hi, I live in the Dc area also. I hope to interact with you more often. Keep in touch.
Muscle Worship / Re: Monix Worship
« Last post by mikecamsa on Today at 05:18:27 pm »
Hi, I live in the US and I'm a huge fan of Fbbs. I'm very interested in reading the session reviews with Fbbs. I've already read some reviews and they are pretty insightful  without revealing too much. Hope to interact with everyone more often.
Female Bodybuilding Contest Videos / Re: Jan Tana Backstage 2001
« Last post by taedea67 on Today at 05:11:21 pm »
Session reviews / Re: Sydney Thunder Review
« Last post by Nycwrestle on Today at 05:09:58 pm »
 I met Sydney Thunder here in New York City and holy shit her legs r deadly!  She's the real deal,  she could ko anyone with a scissor in 2 sec!  Best session yet don't miss out!
 :woohoo: KARMA!!!!
Fitness, Figure & Bikini / Re: Ashlee Potts
« Last post by gte on Today at 04:59:20 pm »
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